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The Vampire Diaries: Too Many 'Black Witches?' I Think Not.

While reading a Top 10 list of the "worst things" about The Vampire Diaries compiled by BuddyTV, I came across the #7 item on the list, which read as follows:

The Bad #7 - Is Witchcraft Racist?

Bonnie, Luka, Jonas, Lucy, Bree, Grams and Emily are the only major recurring African-American characters on the show, and they are all witches. Not only that, but they are the only witches we’ve seen. It’s not necessarily racist, but it’s a little off-putting that every black character is a witch.

Excuse me?

As an African-American, I couldn't help but feel a bit upset after reading that entry, because I personally don't see what is "off-putting" about casting African-Americans as witches on the show. With the exception of Bree and the Martins, the other witches on the show have all been related to Bonnie, who just happens to be "black." So it would make sense for the Bennett lineage,

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