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Doctor Who complete reviews: Earthshock

The turbulent decade of the 1980s – not much fun, eh? Thatcherism at the height of its powers. The emergence of the yuppies. Not to mention the likes of mannequin crooners like Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet dominating the charts like suited bankers. So no wonder Doctor Who wanted to go revisit the 1960s for inspiration.

Think I'm joking? Well think on this. We've had Hartnell-like temper flares from the main man Davison. We've had an all-new historical adventure. And now, in true Daleks Masterplan-style, a companion is about to bite the dust.

Yes, time's run out for Adric, everyone's favourite laughing stock. He's about to buy it in spectacular fashion at the end of Earthshock, one of the jewels in season nineteen's crown. The great thing about this at the time was that it came totally out of the blue. Normally, companions – of late – tend to leave of their own accord or get married.

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