Worst Black Movie Of All Time!

Whew, where to start. It’s a tough category to gauge with the wide range of junk on all fronts of cinema in general, but this is a subject I have had running through out my mind, since day one of writing for this site. Scrolling down the categories of which to label and stipulate what the written piece of information would fall under, I saw a tag of Worst Black Film. This stamp was burned into my mind for so long and started to run the rolodex of junk I had seen, and also some I needed to still witness, because let’s face it, Tyler Perry is still popping shit out, two a year.

But this is also a tough criteria to tackle as I tend to like crap and junk in general. The campy, sappy and overblown, overacted ridiculousness that flickers at us can be overall fun.

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