Cast Lining Up for Good Old Fashioned Round of Meeting Evil

A decent amount of talent has signed on for Chris Fisher's (S. Darko) adaptation of Thomas Berger's 1992 novel Meeting Evil, and we've got the info on who it is!

Just before the New Year's break, The Wrap reported that Luke Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Leslie Bibb have all joined the project, which explores one man's darker side. In addition, Bloody Disgusting has confirmed that Shuttle's Peyton List has also joined the cast.

Shooting is set to begin filming this weekend. More soon.

Plot Outline

When John (Wilson) answers a knock at his front door, he thinks nothing of giving the man outside, Richie (Jackson), a hand starting his car. John's charitable impulses lead him to offer to guide Richie to a nearby petrol station, but he has a bad feeling about this stranger. What starts as a simple trip turns into an extraordinary journey into darkness.

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