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Tuesday Poster Round Up

It’s a new year, and the posters are still coming. Let’s have fun and look at a few, shall we?

1. The Green Hornet: Grade F

What else could be said about this poster other than the fact it looks very cheap, and thrown together? It doesn’t look as if there was any attention to detail at all.

This is a good start to the year.

2. Cedar Rapids: Grade C+

The uninhibited joy in Ed Helms’ face is cause for a chuckle, and the sparse background also keeps everything neat and uncluttered.

3. Hall Pass: Grade D

This doesn’t even look like Own Wilson. If his name wasn’t on the poster, I never would have known. Now, that really isn’t a bad thing, the very smoothed out, photoshopped look is.

4. Kutsal Damacana: Grade B-

My love for the goofy irreverence of Bollywood continues to grow with this poster.

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