East Chases West: China's Stealth Fighter, Japan's Own Gps

China's reported to have finalized its own stealth fighter prototype, tested in taxi runs last week. Simultaneously, Japan is rumored to be mulling its own Gps solution, to mitigate over-reliance on American tech. It's East meets West, technology style.

J-20, China's Stealth Fighter

The publication of some photos online, and official confirmation (by way of military contacts with Japan) reveal that China has been working to complete its own stealth fighter--something a little larger than the now-retired but famous U.S. F-117 stealth aircraft, and designed to compete with the newer F-22.

The J-20's existence was certainly long suspected by military observers, driven by China's rapid technological development and the fact that it had no modern stealth aircraft to rival the F-117 (which first flew in 1981) or the ultra-modern F-22 Raptor. The unveiling in state-released imagery, and confirmation the vehicle took part in taxi-tests is a fascinating trick, however,

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