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Short Film: Condemned

A pretty female inmate is given a death sentence in Oren Shai‘s moody noir short film Condemned, embedded above. But, the twist here is that Inmate #1031 (Margaret Anne Florence) isn’t being sent to the electric chair by the state. Instead, she’s going to get the shiv from another prisoner if she dares to fall asleep in her cell. The lesson: Never snitch, and be particularly careful if the warden tries to trick you into doing so.

This is a simple film with Shai focusing almost exclusively on mood and character. All the action takes place in a single prison cell without much backstory to explain the events that we’re witnessing. That’s good because the backstory is superfluous. Shai isn’t trying to reinvent a genre. This is a tribute to classic women in prison movies.

Of course, there’s going to be trouble in prison.

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