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All About Love (2010) Movie Review

Acclaimed Hong Kong director and industry veteran Ann Hui returns with “All About Love”, a film considerably lighter in tone than her last outing, the depressing, Tin Shui Wai-set “Night and Fog”. Needless to say, although the film’s premise does suggest light romantic comedy, with a script by author and screenwriter Yang Yee Shan (responsible for the hard hitting “Whispers and Moans” and “True Women for Sale”), it also tackles a number of serious societal concerns. The film is headlined by a couple of top acting talents in Sandra Ng (currently enjoying a career renaissance thanks to the likes of “Echoes of the Rainbow”) and 1990s pop star Vivian Chow (making her first film appearance for 14 years), with support from Eddie Cheung (“Election”) and William Chan (“Beauty on Duty!”). The film revolves around two urbanite lesbians and former lovers, Macy (Sandra Ng) and Anita (Vivian Chow), who meet again

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