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Poker tournaments turn deadly in "The Blinds"

"Tonight Is Your Unlucky Night"

Mathew J. Wright, Lindsay Goranson, Mary Lee Adams, Vince Eustace and Daniel W. Johnson star in a psychological horror thriller from indie director / writer David A. Cross (GhostWatcher, GhostWatcher 2, Respire) of "The Blinds". 

The Blinds deals with five poker players who are invited to play in an exclusive poker tournament. The players get more than they bargained for when the host of the tournament reveals that one of them is the murderer of his daughter, Juliet. He gives the murderer one hour to confess or all of the players will suffer the consequences.

The Blinds was shot back in June of 2010 on a estimated budget of $50,000. The film is complete and is currently seeking distribution. To view the trailer scroll to the bottom.

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