TV On My Terms: Rebooting the Small Screen

In a move that continues to signal a creative drought in Hollywood, ABC gave a green light to a revamp of the classic series Charlie's Angels last week. It evidently wasn't enough that the Angels had a brief and rocky resurrection on the big screen.

"Reboots," as they've come to be known, seem to be all the rage these days. Occasionally, these revised attempts hit just right, such as the pitch perfect Battlestar Galactica and this season's Hawaii Five-0. As is more often the case, though, the results either scrape by (V, 90210) or are flat out failures (Knight Rider, The Bionic Woman).

It doesn't appear this wave is going to collapse any time soon, either, as attempts to bring back other series such as The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman are reportedly in the works. 

With everyone and their brother tossing in their two cents as to who should be

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