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Spanish Cinema In Focus: "Rabia"

"Rabia"; with Alfredo "El Turco" Guiter, Amador Granados, Emilio "El Alteno" Franco; directed by Sebastian Cordero

By Lita Robinson - January 18, 2011

Director Sebastian Cordero’s third film, “Rage” (“Rabia”), follows two immigrants in a hostile, xenophobic Spain as they try to scrape together a living. After José Maria (Gustavo Sanchez Parra), the origin of the eponymous rage, accidentally kills his boss on a construction site, he takes refuge inside the huge mansion where Rosa (Martina Garcia) works as a housekeeper. The rest of the film follows Rosa’s travails as José Maria silently watches, starving in the shadowy attic, until they’re finally reunited.

Although Cordero’s film ends rather predictably, its strength can be found in its period of limbo, during which Rosa doesn’t know what’s happened to her boyfriend or what she’s going to do with her life. Her feelings of uncertainty only get worse

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