Exclusive: Director Eric England Talks Madison County

Oftentimes on indie film shoots, timing is everything, which means you don’t necessarily get a lot of time to sit down with the cast and crew to talk extensively about their project. This was the case with the ambitious Madison County, which was written and directed by Eric England and shot back in September, 2010 in rural Arkansas.

Once the cast and crew wrapped up production and returned to civilization, Dread Central caught up with everyone to talk about their experiences while working on Madison County. In this first interview we chat with newcomer England on how he got started in the industry, what makes Madison County different than a lot of recent slasher films, and the future of one of the newest faces of horror - Damien (played by Nick Principe).

Heather Wixson: Let’s start at the beginning. Can you discuss what made you decide to get into filmmaking?

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