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Bob Dylan's Six-Book Deal Rumored

Bob Dylan's Six-Book Deal Rumored

The first part of Bob Dylan's autobiography, "Chronicles: Volume One" spent a long time on the New York Times non-fiction best seller list in 2004 and fans have since been waiting for more. EW reports that Bob Dylan is returning to writing again, and rumored to have signed a six book deal with Simon & Schuster, his publisher for "Chronicles."

Dylan has yet to confirm the report himself, and he'd have to stop touring for the love of God, but the deal is rumored to include two more volumes of his Chronicles memoirs, and a book based on his Xm satellite radio show, "Theme Time Radio Hour." The subjects of the three remaining books are unknown.

Read this masterful excerpt from "Chronicles: Volume One," courtesy of NPR from a piece that included an interview with Dylan from the time of it's release in '04.

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