"90210" Episode 311 Recap: "Can a Guy Kiss a Guy and Not be Gay? That Depends..."

Welcome back 90210 alumni! It's a brand new year and we have brand new episodes ... and the exact same problem with Teddy's storyline that we had last year.


I've got a theory that I'm actually too lazy to go back and try and prove, but it's that whenever an episode of this show starts off showing Teddy in the first two minutes, we can pretty much guarantee he won't show up again in any substantial way until the very end of the episode. Oh, we might get a glimpse of him somewhere in the middle, but he probably won't speak again until the very end and his storyline will pretty much be covered in about four minutes.

But like I said, I'm too lazy to prove it. So on to this week's recap!

Where we left off: Teddy and Ian were making out in a stairwell during a Christmas party

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