Who is Nico Evers-Swindell, Prince William's portrayer for Lifetime?

It has been announced that Lifetime plans to make an original movie about the royal romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Meredith-Baxter-as-Princess-Di jokes aside, the role of Prince William has been cast with a virtual unknown. So just who is Nico Evers-Swindell?

You can see from his headshots that he's obviously got the Prince William good looks. His IMDb resume lists a few bit parts on "NCIS: Los Angeles," "Guiding Light" and "Law & Order," plus a small part in the 2010 Mel Gibson movie "Edge of Darkness."

But we did a little digging and found a bio for Nico that was included in a press release about a play he starred in. It reads: "Since moving to New York City from New Zealand in 2003, Nico has studied with The Upright Citizens Brigade and Matt Del Negro and has completed the conservatory program at The Actors Center. He recently performed in

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