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After 3D, here is the future of film

When I first saw it in 1999, Maxivision48 produced a picture four times as good as conventional film. It still does. With 3D fading and the possibilities offered by a new Red camera, its time may be here at last.

Dean Goodhill, the inventor of MV48, laid low while seeking studio backing. Now, he tells me, the time has come to go public. After reading the recent letter from Walter Murch I ran on my blog, he wrote me one of his own. -- Re

Dear Roger,

I read your recent piece from Walter Murch with great interest. Walter explained the problems of 3-D perfectly and I would expect nothing less from him. So that inspired me to write with an update on our progress, and the frustrations that keep me up at night.

We're still trying to find additional financial partners that would allow us to build a complete prototype.

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