Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’ Returns From The Grave

Since the terms “remake” and “sequel” generally make film nuts grumpy, development executives, the film media and the blogosphere have embraced the notion of “reboots” as a happy medium. And even if you haven’t, that’s just tough, because there’s plenty of them on the way… and you know what? It’s not all bad news.

Besides X-Men: First Class, we’ll be seeing a new Fletch, a new Jack Ryan movie, and – as reported by 24 Frames – a new version of one of Stephen King‘s best and most terrifying novels, Pet Sematary. The original film from 1989 was directed by Mary Lambert and scripted by King himself and remains one of the most successful King adaptations, at least in terms of fan reception (A 1992 sequel was mostly ignored).

Now it appears a remake is in the works, according to a source close the project. Paramount executives have put

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