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TV review: Beauty and the Beast, Who Gets the Best Jobs?, Waterloo Road

A look at the different worlds of a man who was badly burned in an explosion and a woman obsessed with beauty didn't quite convince

Beauty and the Beast: the Ugly Face of Prejudice (Channel 4) is a six-part series that explores our notions of, and relationship with, beauty. Last night's opening episode paired 59-year-old Leo Gormley, who underwent 120 operations in 15 years after he was burned in an explosion at the age of 14, with Yasmin Disney – a frankly gorgeous 20-year-old who will not contemplate leaving the house before completing her daily two-hour beauty regime and has a long list of cosmetic surgeries she would like to undergo.

It wasn't quite as bad as it sounds, thanks to Leo's generous spirit and the fact that Yasmin was a lot more charming and less vacuous than her opening words ("There's not really any excuse not to be glamorous. Unless it's a life-or-death situation.

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