Short Film: Trionyx (Soft-Shelled Turtle)

Godzilla better watch out! (And Gamera, too, for that matter.) There’s a new monster fighter in town. He’s Trionyx (Soft-Shelled Turtle), an inventor who comes up with one of the oddest superhero costumes ever created. Featuring a bulbous body, a track suit, a tiny face hole and an elongated neck and animated head, Trionyx seeks to do battle with giant monsters — if any bother to show up for a fight. Nick Childs‘ short film is trippy, surreal and just plain fun thanks to unusual visual and audio styles.

There’s lots to love about this short movie for me, from the overlapping monologues to the giant creepy CGI head to the disorienting studio location, but what gets me every time in any underground film is when an actor is forced to put on some crazy outfit and go out into the real world. The head turning and looks

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