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Mindflesh – DVD Review

The Film:

Sometimes the line between dreaming and waking is very fine. Last night, for instance, I had a very active dream as the Minnesota section of a Big Ten pillow fight, and wound up smacking my wife in the face about 4:00 in the morning. Not a good way to begin the day with one’s spouse. Mindflesh also moves among realities. Here taxi driver Chris Jackson (Peter Bramhill), a victim of childhood trauma, acts as a portal between this world and another more grisly one. He’s upset that “God does seem to play dice.” Moreover, he must deal with this unnamed force or face the ensuing deaths of his friends.

The film, based on the novel White Light, overuses a visual wave motif to excess. The preview characterizes the film as a “psycho-erotic thriller.” If you like rough sex with an aggressive, bloody woman, well you’ve found the right film.

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