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[TV] Merlin: The Complete Second Season

I’ve long had an issue with fantasy serials that attempt to create their own worlds of kingdoms, magic and adventure. It’s not because I dislike the fantasy genre, but because I believe that most television programs can’t muster the budget to make a good show of their effort, instead relying on subpar special effects, hackneyed dialog, and hastily created costumes that make the entire endeavor resemble something like a renaissance fair with slightly better cohesion. Merlin isn’t the first show to fall into this trap, as The Legend of the Seeker was plagued by similar faults making it barely tolerable for anyone who can’t stand pages of expository dialog and cheesy rationalizations of magic. The second season of BBC’s fantasy serial doesn’t solve the problems, but lightens the affront by not taking itself quite as seriously.

The basic premise of Merlin strays from

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