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DVD Review - French Film (2008)

French Film, 2008.

Directed by Jackie Oudney.

Starring Hugh Bonneville, Anne-Marie Duff, Douglas Henshall, Victoria Hamilton and Eric Cantona.


As a journalist starts growing apart from his girlfriend after refusing to marry him, his best friend has found the perfect girlfriend.

I don’t see why the English and French still have an air of sniping hostility towards each other in popular culture. Isn’t it time that we accept that we both tried to rule the world, get on with our differences and come to terms that both our film industries will be forever daunted by Hollywood? Jackie Oudney’s romantic comedy French Film looks at a typically English man deal with typically French themes.

Hugh Bonneville plays Jed, a miserable journalist who is having troubles with his long term girlfriend, Cheryl (played very icily by Victoria Hamilton). After proposing to her, he recieved a simple ‘no’. Since then,

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