First look into "Zombies and Assholes" (Trailer, plot details)

Amber Bollinger (Sutures) and Jacqui Holland (Gingerdead Man 3-D: Saturday Night Cleaver) star in a horror / comedy directed by Sean LoGrasso of: Zombies And Assholes. Zombies and Assholes is a short film set to premier on February 13, 2011 that combines elements of the hit sitcom Friends, with some Gen X slacker / loser mentality humor and throws in some gut munching, brain eating zombies to the mix.


A group of degenerates delight in the pleasures of annoying both the staff and patrons of the lavish Eden Restaurant. However, on this day, after a quick dine and dash, they are faced with a zombified staff who begin attacking customers. Stuck in a stalled car, determined to die with clear consciouses, they discuss there intertwined sexual indiscretions. Will they survive, and if so, who will win?

The official trailer for Zombies and Assholes can be viewed towards the bottom of this post. Enjoy!


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