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International: Mega Mindy en het Zwarte Kristal Trailer, Blu-ray & DVD out now!

Synopsis for this Belgium superhero film: Police woman / superhero falls prey to the power of a mysterious black crystal that creates an evil doppelganger of herself. Luckily she has her dog and policeman friend to help fight the menace. Starring: Free Souffriau as Mieke Fonkel (Mega Mindy) Louis Talpe as Toby Anton Cogen as Commissaris Kamiel Migrain Fred Van Kuyk as Opa Fonkel Nicky Langley as Oma Fonkel Levi van Kempen as Boef Axel Urbanus as Sultan Hero Muller as Klaus Directed by: Matthias Temmermans LEEE777 - You just know you wanna get a copy!

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