Review: Marchlands

Usually Americans are the ones to adapt foreign concepts for their markets. This year alone has seen three remakes of British television shows to hit the American airwaves and it’s only February: MTV adapted E4’s controversial teen-drama “Skins” for the American market, Syfy remade BBC Three’s “Being Human” and Showtime went with a new take on E4’s long-running drama “Shameless”.

It’s rather unusual for a British network to adapt an American tv series, but that’s exactly what ITV did with its newest drama-series “Marchlands”, which premiered last week. “Marchlands” is based on the American tv series “The Oaks”. Written by David Schulner, it was developed for Fox in 2008 and starred Matthew Morrison (”Glee”) and Jeremy Renner (”The Hurt Locker”) among others, but was ultimately rejected by the network’s executives, when the produced pilot failed to make an impression. Rejected pilots rarely get a second chance of life,

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