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Singapore Opens Lab Aiming to Produce Hydrogen Fuel By Imitating Photosynthesis, Dominate Regional R&D

The new facility is Singapore's latest bet on regional dominance in education, research, and development. In time, the U.S. may also be a competitor.

With today's launch of Nanyang Technological University's (Ntu) Solar Fuels Lab, Singapore is ramping up efforts to be a regional education, research and development hub in Asia. The lab is the first in Asia to experiment with creating hydrogen fuel from water and sunlight, thus mimicking photosynthesis.

The process of extracting hydrogen from water and sunlight usually requires a substantial amount of energy in the first place, making it cost-ineffective for commercial use. But by imitating photosynthesis, researchers are gaining ground in extracting fuel with minimal exertion, providing a sustainable, alternative energy source. The process, dubbed "artificial leaf technology," is popular with proponents of biomimicry.

"Nature has lots of wonderful ways to renew itself. We can learn a lot from nature if we look hard enough,

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