Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!

On a friend’s unfashionable laptop, when went live, little did I know that my life was about to change! Something that I thought I was doing in my free time, the little that I got from my hectic job, is going to drive me crazy to leave everything behind to start on a journey where no roadmap can be of any help. A road filled with doubts and discoveries, excitement and agonies, apprehensions and re-affirmed faith!

I still wonder why on earth there wasn’t already a! Had there been one, life would have been much different.

I guess, there come moments of truths in everyone’s life, when one has to get out of the comfort of lies that we weave around ourselves. I was quite a well-to-do, reasonably successful, television journalist and producer, when I suddenly started missing a life I had left behind in a small,

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