Zombies and Assholes (Review)

2011 - 20 mins. - Not Rated

D: Sean LoGrasso

C: Morgan Roberts, Jacqui Holland, Ben Begley, Amber Bollinger 

Group of friends having lunch with one another are holed up in their car after the staff and other patrons turn into flesh eating zombies.

The idea of doing a Friends styled horror / comedy with some Gen X humor seems like a surefire, can't miss kind of idea. Unfortunately, Zombies and Assholes misses the mark. During the introductory scenes, Jacqui Holland turns in a scene stealing performance. However, the humor that follows afterwards, doesn't have enough edge or bite. What makes something funny, is when the unexpected happens. With that in mind, the various scenarios presented in Zombies and Assholes are all a bit too safe and expected. It's all a bit too predictable. As for the editing, it's sloppy, causing the film to feel disjointed in places throughout. Zombies and Assholes lacks

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