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How will Meryl's Maggie compare to past portrayals?

From girlish flirt to monstrous sociopath, the former Pm has been variously interpreted on screen

"I don't really see her as a villain," says Meryl Streep. "People are driven by what they think is right [and] certainty is just so attractive in people … It's so nice not to have to listen … Unfortunately, it leads to fanaticism." Streep, I should point out, is not talking about her forthcoming performance as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, Phyllida Lloyd's portrait of the former Pm in the run-up to the Falklands war. She is in fact discussing Eleanor Shaw, the fearsome politician, mother and all-round nut-job she played in the 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate. Even so, you could do worse than check out this interview for an inkling of how she may approach her latest role. "There were," she says, "very specific public personalities that I was inspired by in creating this character.

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