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[Interview] Liz Canner, Director of Orgasm Inc.

Orgasm Inc. is an exhilarating doc that takes a hard-hitting but humorous look at pharmaceutical companies’ quest to create so-called female Viagra. (Read my review here.)

Documentarian Liz Canner crafted Orgasm Inc. over a nine-year span, and provides a uniquely insider perspective, as she was employed at a pharmaceutical companies during the clinical trials for their proposed female Viagra drug. Though she set out to make a documentary about female pleasure, she found herself compelled to capture the pharma industry’s haste (and recklessness) once they began marketing an incredibly ambiguous affliction: Fsd, Female Sexual Dysfunction. Before her eyes, Canner saw a disease invented and marketed to the media by the pharma companies who were racing for a quick-fix cure and its accompanying windfall.

I recently sat down with Canner and discussed her approach to Orgasm Inc., the truth behind the hype, as well as some of the film’s hairier revelations.

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