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Jesus, and Jesus' Son

by Steve Dollar

"Jesus is just alright with me" goes the refrain to the Doobie Brothers' 1970s sing-along, a cheerful ode to the only begotten son's Nixon Era vogue as a pothead's antihero. Hippie Jesus branded rolling papers and bonded groovy seekers at folk mass. And he apparently inspired that most demonic of actors, Klaus Kinski, to dedicate a one-man show to the Prince of Peace. The year was 1971, and in Peter Geyer's documentary Klaus Kinski: Jesus Christ Savior, the occasion was anything but a love-in. Kinski, then 45, was winding down a prolific year with 10 movies released, most of them spaghetti Westerns with names like Il venditore di morte and Giu la testa … hombre (whose tagline read: "A fistful of Death"), plus a few psycho thrillers on the sleazy order of La bestia uccide a sangue freddo. Maybe he wanted to reconnect with a passionate role. Instead, his Nov.

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