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Interview with actor Bill Oberst Jr. of The Devil Within & Vivid

Think back to Robert De Niro (Heat). Think back to Al Pacino (Scent of a Woman). Robert De Niro was known for his intensity. Al Pacino was known for his flashy screen presence. Now think of veteran character actor of horror films, Bill Oberst Jr. (Dismal, Vivid, The Devil Within). Bill Oberst Jr. has both the flash of Pacino and the intensity of De Niro. It's the best of both worlds in one package. And directors and producers are taking notice. In less then four years, Bill Oberst Jr. has had well over thirty film credits. Since he works his fair share in the horror genre, he is often seen playing the villain or the creepy guy or even, on occasion, the rapist. However, Bill Oberst Jr. wants you to know that their is more to him then just that. That he has an extra layer of dimensionality. That he's not just one note.

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