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Foywonder's Valentine's Day Salute to The Love Bomber

Nothing says "I love you" quite like the gift of imploding large buildings. I know that probably sounds like a rather odd, not to mention extreme, way by which to prove your love for a woman, but then none of you is "The Love Bomber". Woman can't resist a man that can make shit blow up. Why do you think Michael Bay gets laid as much as he does?

Today being Valentine's Day, what better time to pay homage to one of cinema's most lovelorn maniacs? "The Love Bomber" was the villain of the 1984 made-for-tv thriller City Killer, the terrifyingly romantic tale of a deranged stalker's quest to prove his worth to the woman he loves by demolishing infrastructure.

The big three TV networks rarely make original movies anymore; cable networks have been left to pick-up the slack. Were it made today, City Killer would almost assuredly be a Lifetime

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