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The Box Collector (aka Love At First Kill - A Review - New to video this week)

2011 - 94 mins. - Rated R

D: John Daly

C: Margot Kidder, Noah Segan, Onalee Ames, Michael Bowen, Lyne Renee, Annika Moffat

Unaccomplished artist, who lives with his crazy mom, becomes infatuated with the new next door neighbor which sets off a chain of tragic events.

Love At First Kill is certainly an interesting movie, if a bit too familiar upon first impression. Love At First Kill keeps the viewer engaged with an involving mystery that keeps viewers wondering as to what new plot development is going to unfold or what is lurking behind the facade of its characters, even if all seems a bit too predictable at the beginning. The film's mystery is accentuated by atmospheric photography and suspenseful set pieces. Love At First Kill also brings the heat sexually as the film's provocative scenarios help to deepen the tension and unease throughout. Love At First Kill is highlighted by fine performances all around.

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