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Morning Meme: Chris Colfer Talks Not Coming Out, James Blunt Comes Out For Fun, and Ryan Gosling is Making "Logan's Run"

Charlies Angels has found Bosley. The modern Bosley was to be ab-endowed, a computer genius, and a rock for the Angels to lean on. The producers think theyve found that in Ramon Rodriguez, best known for a part in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I had been hoping for a gay Bosley, and I still hold out hope for that.

Charlaine Harris thinks she only has two more Sookie Stackhouse books left in her, bringing the total to twelve. She says she just wants to write something else. Still, thats a ton of material for Alan Ball to mine for infinite seasons on HBO.

If you remember all the Astroturf organizations that ruled the debate on healthcare, elections, socialism and the last two years, get ready for the new frontier: libraries. Many of those same groups are putting up new shell companies to agitate to remove objectionable books from local libraries.

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