More of The Ring Related J-Horror in New Koji Suzuki Story For Sadako 3D

Wow, now this is the kind of news I like! For fans of the brilliant Hideo Nakata helmed j-horror 'Ringu', the film that single handedly kicked Japanese horror into the forefront of the genre, you'll be pleased to hear that a new installment has been penned by Koji Suzuki and Kadokawa Pictures are revving up 'Sadako 3D'. Sadako of course is the creepy TV-exiting girl who literally enters your very living room after ascending out of the well where she was left for dead. And there's even mention that the TV crawl would be featured in the brand new 3D style which should really enhance that shock even more so. No director or cast have been announced thus far. For those who are yet to uncover this great series of sinister little horrors you might want to check out 'Ringu', 'Rasen', 'Ringu 2

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