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Late Night Classics – Spontaneous Combustion

The enigma of spontaneous human combustion (Shc) is considered the most bizarre and frightening of all the phenomena in the world of the unexplained and the unknown. Some believe that stories of Shc are only urban legends, eerie tales of people bursting into flames that never really happened to real people. But this is not the case. Urban legends happen to a friend of a friend, but are really untraceable back to any true original narrator of the event. In the case of spontaneous human combustion, one is left with the charred remains and ashes of individuals who were once fully living, breathing, feeling human beings. []

After his three-picture deal with Cannon Films, Tobe Hooper burned for a comeback as he saddled up for a low budget return to his roots after being lambasted from both fans and critics with his big-budget flops Lifeforce and Invaders From Mars. I have always been a Hooper backer,

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