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Branchage Projects: Daniel Barrow + Bo Ningen To Perform In London

The Branchage Film Festival is bringing a special event to London next month and if you fancy something a bit different and arty then it might be worth checking out! We’ve been sent over the press release for the special event combining images and music to delirious effect.

Canadian artist Daniel Barrow will be performing his latest work Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry in Shoreditch Church as part of ‘Branchage Projects: Daniel Barrow + Bo Ningen’. See press release below for full lowdown. Tickets cost £12 quid and the thing’s taking place inside Shoreditch Church. Interesting.

“From the dark of the audience, Daniel Barrow works his antiquated overhead projector, moving layers of immaculate illustrations through its beam while he narrates along; flickering on the screen, a strange and dark story unfolds, the tale of a deadbeat dustman and an inventive serial killer… This award-winning ‘manual animation’ and live narration performance is intimate,

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