Shockwaves NME Awards Winners: Bieber Has Worst Album, GaGa Is Hero of the Year

Justin Bieber dominates winner list of this year's Shockwaves NME Awards by grabbing one prize in each of the "worst" and "least" departments. The Canadian singer who has a new haircut to get a more mature look is named the Least Stylish, saving Cheryl Cole, Ke$ha, Lady GaGa and Liam Gallagher from bringing home the title.

Bieber gets his other "honor" by winning Worst Album. The second CD of his two-part debut album "My World 2.0" pushes aside Cheryl Cole's "Messy Little Raindrops", Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream", Kings of Leon"s "Come Around Sundown" and My Chemical Romance's "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys".

The "Baby" hitmaker actually got three nominations, and the one that he lost is Villain of the Year. Thanks to David Cameron, Bieber along with Axl Rose, Nick Clegg and Simon Cowell don't become the winner of this year's meanest character.

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