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The Flying Scotsman – DVD Review

There’s debate whether Castleton Knight’s picture, The Flying Scotsman, is the first British film to include sound. It vies with Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller Blackmail for the honoured title. The BFI seem adamant it was released in March 1930, giving Hitch the record of achievement.

Nevertheless Knight’s splendid short film – it runs at fifty-six minutes – is notable for featuring Hollywood star Ray Milland in his first screen role. Although not as polished as later performances, Milland possesses star quality.

The Flying Scotsman has been digitally restored by Optimum Releasing and it’s easy to see why they took the trouble to do so. There’s great value in this film as an historical document as well as being a brilliantly put together using the famous Lner Class A3 4472 Flying Scotsman. Made with the co-operation of the official railway networks of the time, the crazy stunt work forced an

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