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The accent for the Oscars | Peter Preston

British actors sound clearly different at Us award ceremonies but these days you'd never know it on film

You probably won't remember Bonar Colleano (or unmemorable films starring him, like Good-time Girl). He was thin and, well, bony, with slicked-back hair, and just 34 when his car crashed 53 years ago. But he made a good living in British movies for a decade before that because he came from New York City, and was thus available to play GIs and mobsters on demand in a natural American accent Britain's homegrown B-movie actors couldn't mimic for love or for money. But now see how the world has changed.

Here's Christian Bale from Haverfordwest at the Oscars tonight after doing raw Massachusetts to the manner born. And, turning on the television, there's Hugh Laurie from Oxford still playing in House. That drunken McNulty cop in The Wire? Dominic West from Eton. (He could have been David Cameron's fag.

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