Best Supporting Actress Winner Melissa Leo

Best Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo.

I interviewed Melissa Leo in January of 2009 for her much-buzzed about (and Oscar-nominated) turn in "Frozen River," in many ways a fitting precursor to her Oscar-winning role as Mark Wahlberg's overbearing mother in David O. Russell's "The Fighter." During our talk, Leo was engaging, dramatic, and mercurial, much like her performance on the Oscars. She remains one hell of an actress, and we at The Interview congratulate her on this well-deserved win.

Melissa Leo: Many Rivers to Cross


Alex Simon

Born and raised in New York City, Melissa Leo is one of those faces you always see popping up on the big or small screen at least once a year, and you invariably find yourself asking "Wasn't she in fill in the blank with a movie or TV title of your choosing" and you'd probably be right. A fiercely prolific

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