India's first Comic-Con hailed a major success

Report by Andy Dodd

It has never happened before, but it's sure to happen again.

India's first ever Comic-Con saw 15,000 people converge on Delhi. The two-day convention was a phenomenal success, far exceeding the expectations of both the organisers (Twenty Onwards Media) and the participants.

In its inaugural year, Comic-Con India 2011 provided a much-needed platform for publishers, retailers, writers and illustrators to meet each other, and their fans, in a relaxed environment.

Most of the 35 companies present boasted sales much above what they had anticipated. Campfire graphic novels, for example, raked in more revenue during the first day of the Comic-Con than in 10 days at the Delhi Book Fair, while Level 10 Comics and Vimanika sold out of all their stock by halfway through the second day.

Sales, although important, were of course only one aspect of the event. A programme of workshops, activities and book launches literally took centre stage

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