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Paul Soundtrack

The Paul soundtrack. If the baffling commercial failure of Edgar Wright’s brilliant and prescient Scott Pilgrim vs The World still leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, it is your duty to see Paul in the cinema, to ensure that Wright’s creative brothers Pegg and Frost have a box office success to trade on when it comes time to raise funds for their next comedic masterpiece. Wright took a big risk by taking on a big budget Hollywood project, and he did a super-human job, his tongue-in-cheek kinetic brio and dazzling visual style culminating in one of the most entertaining comedies this reviewer has ever seen, a work of comic wonder that speaks directly, honestly and thrillingly to a generation that came of age in the MTV era.

For their own (relatively) big budget Hollywood comedy, co-stars and co-writers Pegg and Frost have gone in the opposite direction

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