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Top 10 Road Movies!

In celebration of the Blu-ray release of Due Date this week, Owf was challenged to come up with our top ten best road movies of all time!

The road movie has been a staple within many film genres and has generally become synonymous with freedom, providing an avenue for violent, comical, romantic or dramatic release. Characters both discover and lose themselves on their celluloid trips. Friends and partners are gained and lost. Ultimately though, the road is an avenue for discovery. Many exceptional road movies have found their way on to the screen and into the forefront of audiences’ consciences. This list could easily be twice as long, but read on to discover what I consider the ten funniest, scariest, strangest, romantic and most touching road films out there…and then go buy Due Date!

10. Love On The Run (1936)

When American heiress Sally Parker (Joan Crawford) flees her planned wedding to a Prince,

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