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DVD Releases: 'The Flying Scotsman'

Last year, Optimum Releasing's remastered versions of The Railway Children (1970), Breathless (1960) and Peeping Tom (1960) were released as part of their continuing efforts to preserve a vast catalogue of classic titles. Castleton Knight's The Flying Scotsman (1929) is the latest feature to receive extensive digital restoration and is now available to own for the first time on DVD.

The Flying Scotsman tells the story of the imminently retiring Bob White (Moore Marriott), an engine driver of the elite Flying Scotsman express that has run daily between London and Edinburgh since 1862. On the day before his last run, White reports his stoker Crow (Alec Hurley) for drinking on duty, an action that results in Crow's instant dismissal. The film's momentum is built through anticipation of Crow's explicitly declared vengeance against White and replacement stoker Jim Edwards (Ray Milland).

Meanwhile, a chance encounter at a party leads to a blossoming relationship between

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