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'The Good Wife': Derrick Bond out, Kalinda and Cary in?

On "The Good Wife," the firm finally stages a coup, social media and Viola Walsh return and Peter gets Childs to drop out of the race - but also! Cary and Kalinda!

Case of the Week

Miles from "Lost" is Shen Yuan, a Chinese man who was abducted years ago by Chinese government agents for "inciting subversion" because of a blog post he sent to a friend about Democracy coming to China. He is suing a social media website called Chum Hum because it gave his IP address to the Chinese police. The Chum Hum counsel is Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson), Diane's old friend from the Aaron Sorkin/"Social Network" episode.

Their defense is that they were following the country's laws and that they didn't know the repercussions of giving out Shen Yuan's IP address instead of protecting his anonymity. Neil Gross, the CEO of Chum Hum, testifies that

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