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DVD Review: The Flying Scotsman – Early British Foray Into Talkies Is An Interesting Watch

It’s 82 years since it was committed to film and The Flying Scotsman (1929) finally sees a DVD release! This very early British experiment into sound cinema (it was originally a silent picture, with sound added in March 1930) is an interesting glimpse at the power of both silent and ‘talkie’ productions, combining some fantastic elements from both into one classic picture. A movie that also sees the screen debut of Ray Milland, who would go on to have starring roles in The Lost Weekend (1945), Dial M for Murder (1954) and the television series Meet Mr. McNutley (1953-55).

Along with Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail (1929), The Flying Scotsman symbolises a benchmark in British filmmaking and is both a fascinating watch for fans of historical cinema from the UK and those who are interested in the industry’s transition to sound.

Bob White (Moore Marriott) is the driver of the high-speed steam train The Flying Scotsman.

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