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Chelsea Handler's show writers, Chris Franjola, Brad Wollack, spill on workplace abuse

Anyone who watches "Chelsea Lately" knows a few things about it's host:

1. She hates redheads

2. She often berates her staff on the air

3. She's absolutely f-in' hysterical

Also hysterical, are the writers who help make her show a success. Now with E!'s new Sunday night show, "After Lately," we get to see even more of the crew behind Chelsea Handler.

Zap2it caught up with Chris Franjola and Brad Wollack, who often appear on the "Chelsea Lately" round-table and will play prominent roles in the new "After Lately." We asked them about their first interactions with the funny lady and what it's really like to work in that office.

While Franjola and Handler are old friends, meeting at a Mexican bar in Studio City nearly 15 years ago, Wollack's first interaction with the comedienne was not so pleasant.

"I was hired as a writer on her first show, as was Chris,

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