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Interview with director David A. Cross - Respire

David A. Cross is the director behind the direct to video horror series "Ghostwatcher". While these two films weren't particularly good, they were hits on the video market and did well rental wise ensuring that David could continue on with making horror films. His latest effort to be released to DVD, Respire, is his most ambitious effort to date. David A. Cross has really stepped up his game and turned in a dynamic, energetic film with exuberance and most importantly, a good story. With far less money at his disposal, David A. Cross has made a film that is far better then some of its big budget counterparts like The Crazies, Splice or the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. With Respire, Susan Jordan (Tracy Teague), a local novelty shop owner and terminally ill woman, has been given little more than six months to live. She searches desperately for a way to extend her life.

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